Pro-Equine Massage

The Pro-Equine System is designed to be easy to use and in daily maintenance can be quickly applied prior to work or training sessions for just 15 minutes to supple the horse’s muscles, increase blood flow and nutrient supply, remove low grade pain and stiffness and help reduce the instance of strain injuries. Invaluable for dealing with travel strain  and maintaining performance at competition. There is no upper limit to treatment times and some issues or rehabilitation work will require longer/repeat sessions and can be combined with gymnastic exercise ( long reining/pole work/lunging) to enable rebuilding of weak muscle structures. Also a beneficial treatment for horses on box rest to reduce muscle wastage and stimulate lymphatic activity.

When to Use Pro-equine cyclo-ssage ?

The Cyclo-ssage Pro-Equine Therapy System provides owners with an immediate in house resolution to many muscular, circulatory and digestive problems and the subsequent secondary symptoms that arise. The ability to provide regular daily treatments has an accumulative benefit and will enhance both performance and progress in building muscular integrity. Consistent application will improve stride length, symmetry and range of movement, ability to engage and reduce tension.
( Please note that this has proven to be an effective emergency colic treatment, for more guidance on this please contact us directly.)*

Why to Use Pro-equine cyclo-ssage?