Pro-Equine Massage

Horse-friendly fitting

Designed to look and feel like a top quality rug, the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy system is lightweight and easy to carry. Once placed on your horse the System's weight is distributed evenly across the body to alleviate any pressure points or discomfort, combined with the ultra-quiet CVT generating motors this ensures the Pro Equine Therapy System does not feel alien to the horse and eliminates the risk of unsettling the horse during initial treatments. The breathable mesh fabric ensures your horse does not overheat when using the product, while the elasticated cross-surcingles and adjustable rear leg straps ensure the CVT generators are held close to the body for maximum benefit and comfort.

Gently does it
Unlike traditional hands-on equine massages, the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy system operates using a number of programs, which enable the user to vary the intensity of the massage. This ensures horses are introduced gradually to their treatment, without being spooked by jarring or over-vigorous sensationsand even very sore muscles can be gently relieved. Unlike some forms of massage treatment, the horse can be ridden immediately after treatment or treated during competition to maintain suppleness and muscle temperature.

Before - After - During
The Cyclo-ssage system provides therapy programs for use before work / excersise, during competition and after work / travelling to stimulate removal of toxins and relieve tired muscles.

for Emergency Use
When an emergency occurs such as colic, tying up, severe muscle spasm etc. we always advise calling out the vet but you can use your Cyclo-ssage to help your horse whilst you wait for your vet to attend, this has proven to be hugely effective in resolving many colic attacks and reducing the symptoms of azoturia when applied promptly in the early stages of these conditions. Likewise it will reduce muscle pain and soreness immediately.

using pro-equine System

Consistent use of the Pro-Equine Therapy System will benefit both horse and rider as it enables  faster progress in training by reducing stress levels and low grade discomfort, allows rapid improvement in core strength and muscular development, enables effective management of pre-existing conditions, improves and maintains overall performance. Many pre existing conditions can be effectively improved or managed and stabilized using CETS, here are a few examples;

- Cold back
- Kissing Spine
- Colic
- Recovery from injury
- Box rest
- Travel fatigue/stiffness
- Competition & performance muscle soreness/strain
- Training and regular muscle maintenance



about Pro-equine massage

Cycloidal Vibration Therapy (CVT) is a well-proven means of relieving both deep muscle and superficial pain and soreness in horses as well as improving performance and speeding recovery from injury. Manufactured exclusively for us in Germany, the Cyclo-ssage Pro-Equine Therapy System is a unique dedicated full body therapy system designed to deliver CVT benefit  to the entire equine muscle structure. Carefully researched and engineered to provide maximum coverage, symmetry and depth of application, the System is simple to operate, versatile, lightweight and comfortable.‚Äč