Pro-Equine Massage

horse show with Cyclo-ssage

Maintain peak condition at temporary competition stabling

When at competitions, events, race meetings etc. horses often endure several days of confinement to temporary stables with no turnout and little opportunity to relax; yet we still expect their ultimate performance!! Using the Pro Equine System enables you to keep them relaxed, supple and ready for work, whilst use between competitions / phases and before trot-ups will ensure peak performance.

Simply place the rug on your horse and select a 15 minute program to soothe and stimulate box-weary muscles, or relax a horse stressed out from too long in a box. 

Light, portable, self-contained instant equine therapy

​The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System is lightweight, easy to transport in a Cyclo-ssage carry bag, and comes with rechargeable batteries for use away from mains power. It can be operated by anyone with a basic knowledge of horse handling, and the whisper-quiet CVT motors ensures horses are not spooked by its action. It is also safe to use in any location, as no pulsed magnetic fields or percussive massage action are involved.

Traveling with Cyclo-ssage

Lengthy road journeys are becoming increasingly common for most competition horses and the muscular effort required during transportation causes a significant amount of stiffness and the build-up of toxins (Lactic acid) often causing a drop in performance on arrival at the destination. The application of the fully portable Pro-Equine System can effectively, efficiently and simply deal with these issues immediately on arrival in preparation for work or competition. The system can also be used before travel to relax a horse.