Pro-Equine Massage

To Enhance Training     

Training programs rarely stand still whatever the discipline and this places ever increasing demands on the equine athlete. Consequently the importance of maintaining muscular integrity and suppleness is universally accepted to avoid stiffness and soreness which will impede progress causing discomfort, stress and delays. Using the Pro-Equine System to provide daily maintenance before and after training will result in quicker progress, better focus, greater comfort and increased value from each session.

After Exercise    

​During exercise, lactic acid builds in your horse's muscles, and this is gradually dissipated by the lymphatic system as he warms down after exercise. By using the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System after exercise, you can warm down your horse at a gentle rate, while the CVT stimulates blood flow and lymphatic activity for the removal of lactic acid from the muscles.

Warm Up - Cool Down    

​If horses don’t warm up properly they are at increased risk of injury, whilst not warming down properly leads to more acute aches and pains after exercise, and the increased risks associated with toxin build-up. In order for horses to maintain peak performance, they should be warmed up and cooled down correctly; the Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System helps with pre-programmed warm-up and warm down treatments at three intensity levels.

To increase performance

Regular use of the Pro-Equine System will improve the overall performance of even the fittest horse and significantly reduce the danger of injury during competition or training. One daily fifteen-minute session before work will warm up and prepare muscles, tendons and joints for action. Stride length increases and the movement becomes more elastic and fluid with increased engagement and easier collection.