Component parts of the Pro Equine Therapy System

  • Main body and separate neck-piece
    - ​Ventilated, machine washable main body and neck-piece.
    - Zip fastened removable Pods containing the therapy generators.
    ​- Two Lifting handles.
  • Strapping
    - Two wide adjustable chest straps.
    - Two adjustable elasticated crossover girth straps.
    - Two adjustable rear leg straps and tail strap.
  • Electronics
    - 2Digital Control with 9 therapy options and emergency stop button.
    ​- High performance lightweight lithium battery with charge indicator.
  • Power options supplied
    - 2 x Lithium–ion batteries.
    - 1 x Battery charger.
    ​- 1 x transformer for powering from the mains supply.

Cyclo-ssage Pro-Equine Therapy System

Pro-Equine Massage

The Pro-Equine Therapy System is a rug based massage system with 18 Cycloidal Vibration Therapy [CVT] generators placed over the main muscle groups of the body to provide a balanced and symmetrical delivery from poll to croup. The therapy units are positioned opposite each other on both sides of the horse to ensure full penetration to the deepest muscle tissue however large the horse. CVT is a multi-directional non-percussive therapy action that increases blood and lymphatic circulation while at the same time alleviating muscle spasm by gently stimulating deep muscle activity. CVT is a non-invasive form of therapy that can be used effectively and safely without aggravating existing joint or skeletal issues.

Cycloid Vibration Therapy (or CVT) has a multi-directional action, not a percussive action, so it is more suitable for use with animals. CVT is less invasive, penetrates deeper and is more soothing than traditional 'kneading; or 'pummeling' massage techniques. The Cyclo-ssage Pro Equine Therapy System offers the horse owner a simple to use rug-based therapy system that is pre-programmed, to offer a range of CVT treatments at precisely the levels required.

Technical Specification:

  • Full body massage system with detachable neck piece.
  • 18 CVT generators (14 main body plus 4 neck) 
  • Three individual massage programs
  • Three levels of intensity
  • Powered by lightweight high performance lithium batteries
  • Optional mains power pack
  • Breathable main body fabric allowing maximum airflow
  • Removable electronics enabling machine washing 
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty on entire system